Tomato Frog Productions is a creative and dynamic independent film production company. Based in the UK, it was created to increase the public’s awareness of human rights issues through documentary films.

"We aim to produce documentaries of social, anthropological and political interest. In other words, stories that concern all thinking citizens of our contemporary world."


The beautiful Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a mountainous region in northern Colombia and it is been the homeland of different indigenous groups for centuries. Unfortunately, for the last few decades it has been occupied by colonists growing marijuana and coca for the drug trade and since its occupation, the landscape has become a battleground between the army, left-wing guerrillas and paramilitary groups

Despite of the peaceful nature of the indigenous peoples, they are frequently caught in the crossfire and their refusal to take sides in this war has led them to being accused by all parties in the conflict of "siding with the enemy" making them a target for violent abuses and killings by all armed groups.